December 15, 2018

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Rocketry Club

Description:   Atholton's Rocketry Club allows students to apply their STEM interests and skills in order to successfully build rockets.
Meeting Schedule:   There are weekly meetings on Thursdays unless members are otherwise notified. All members are reminded of events and meetings through our Google Plus Community, our Atholton Rocketry Club website (, and through emails.
Meeting Location:   Villa 1, Room 8
Lindsey, Deirdre     (
Details:   The purpose of the club is to enhance students' science and engineering skills by way of rocket building. Students research and learn about rockets and then they build rockets suitable for competition. The mission statement of this club is as follows: To promote student and community involvement in STEM programs by using math, science, and engineering skills to design, build, and test rockets for the annual Teen America Rocketry Challenge.