March 29, 2017

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Contact Information for the Atholton High School Staff

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Atholton High School Staff for 2016 - 2017

Name Email
Mrs. Kathleen Clark
Mrs. Elizabeth Defrances
Mrs. Joann Hutchens
Ms. Adrienne Nasir
Mr. Patrick Scible
 Alternative Education
Mr. Erik Burnett
Mr. Bruce Cummings
Mr. Scott Brenfleck
Mr. David Decker
Ms. Katherine Kern
 Black Student Achievement Program
Ms. Sharonda Ebanks
 Business And Computer Management Systems
Mr. Bryce Cramer
Ms. Stephanie Johnson-rolle
Mr. Matthew Lathroum
Mr. Charles Lidard
Mrs. Hana Rhee
 Career Research And Development
Ms. Michelle Howard
Mrs. Heather Haffey
Mr. Nathan Rosen
Ms. Diann Geisbert
Ms. Jeannette Bonomo
Mr. Shawn Douglas
Mrs. Emily Dulany
Mrs. Stacey Duvall
Ms. Lauren Fischetti
Mrs. Catherine Kriner
Mrs. Courtney Lucente
Mr. Christopher Mackechnie
Mrs. Nicole Payne
Mr. Nathan Rosen
Mrs. Emily Stackhouse
Mr. Thomas Stuppy
Ms. Jennifer Timmel
Mr. Scott Vennard
 Family And Consumer Science
Ms. Katherine Kern
Ms. Liela Razik
 Front Office
Ms. Robbie Adkins
Ms. Olivia Aikins
Mrs. Dean Lindblad
Mrs. Christine Mcintyre
Mrs. Deborah Sauers
 Gifted And Talented
Mrs. Lynette Burns
 Health Room
Mrs. Sandra Eggerl
Mrs. Stephanie Poling
Sfc Juan Gordiano
Sfc Marian Johnson
Mr. William Reinhart
Mr. Scott Arnold
Mr. Matthew Braddock
Mrs. Sheila Carr-spence
Ms. Lisa Daciek
Mr. Jonathan Dupski
Mrs. Rachelle Eichert
Dr. Donna Elshafei
Mr. Dale Harriman
Mr. Robert Piche
Mr. Scott Rager
Ms. Julia Reynold
Mrs. Nancy Sachs
Mr. Neil Steen
Ms. Lisa Toohey
Mrs. Natalie Kelly
Mrs. Kathleen Koehnlein
Mrs. Carolyn Pilcher
Ms. Carolyn Golrick
Mrs. Katherine Meloro
Mr. Eric Posner
Mr. James Woomert
 Physical Education And Health
Mr. Jared Albert
Ms. Susan Ericksen
Mr. Chuck Fales
Mrs. Nancy Shea
 School Resource Officer
Mr. Ryan Kane
Mr. Michael Ashmead
Mr. Christopher Clark
Mr. Gregory Dubac
Mrs. Jennifer Forgnoni
Mrs. Amy French
Mrs. Margaret Klotz
Ms. Deirdre Lindsey
Mr. Jimmie Mowder
Mrs. Donna Schwab
Ms. Lorena Sehgal
Ms. Jo Seibel
Mr. Michael Simmons
Mr. Anton Evans
 Social Studies
Mr. John Abrahms
Ms. Cynthia Blade
Ms. Krista Bopst
Ms. Mabrooka Chaudhry
Mr. Richard Jones
Mr. Howard Krasilovsky
Mr. Charles Midkiff
Mr. Donald Mitchell
Mr. Benjamin Schmitz
Mrs. Dawn Tache
Mr. Devin White
 Special Education
Mr. Ivan Alvarado
Mr. Sidney Billups
Mrs. Kara Black
Mr. Barry Blumenstock
Ms. Monique Brasfield
Mr. Stephen Braun
Mrs. Mary Brock
Mrs. Mary Brzezinski
Mrs. Sharon Cantor
Mr. Justin Carey
Mr. Michael Davis
Mrs. Elizabeth Dooley
Mr. John Engelkemier
Mr. Nicholas Johnson
Mrs. Maryjo Lukowski
Mrs. Donna Merson
Ms. Wanda Oliver
Ms. Michelle Pappadia
Ms. Linda Petty
Mrs. Judy Rice
Ms. Dorothy Trout
Ms. Georgette Washington
Ms. Brittany Whittaker
 Student Services
Mrs. Nancy Beneski
Mrs. Lisa Clearfield
Mr. Phillip Cohen
Ms. Nina Dix
Mrs. Candyce Fales
Mr. Paul Linkins
Mrs. Dana Meledick
Mr. Michael O'shaughnessy
Ms. Kimberly Richardson
Mrs. Yvonne Rogers
Mrs. Allison Sultan
 Technology Education
Mrs. Jean Fregeau
 World Languages
Mrs. Mary Coates
Mrs. Jessica Grady
Ms. Ronica Johnson
Ms. Gabriela Joseph
Ms. Anne Kuonen-galvez
Mrs. Sara Liu
Ms. Jacqueline Lopata
Mr. Brandon Morfoot
Mrs. Jennifer Street
Mrs. Robin Towsend