June 22, 2017

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Contact Information for the Atholton High School Staff

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Atholton High School Staff for 2016 - 2017

Name Email
Mrs. Kathleen Clark Kathleen_Clark@hcpss.org
Mrs. Elizabeth Defrances Elizabeth_DeFrances@hcpss.org
Mrs. Joann Hutchens Joann_Hutchens@hcpss.org
Ms. Adrienne Nasir Adrienne_Nasir@hcpss.org
Mr. Patrick Scible Patrick_Scible@hcpss.org
 Alternative Education
Mr. Erik Burnett Erik_Burnett@hcpss.org
Mr. Bruce Cummings edward_cummings@hcpss.org
Mr. Scott Brenfleck Scott_Brenfleck@hcpss.org
Mr. David Decker David_Decker@hcpss.org
Ms. Katherine Kern katherine_kern@hcpss.org
 Black Student Achievement Program
Ms. Sharonda Ebanks Sharonda_Ebanks@hcpss.org
 Business And Computer Management Systems
Mr. Bryce Cramer bryce_cramer@hcpss.org
Ms. Stephanie Johnson-rolle Stephanie_Johnson-Rolle@hcpss.org
Mr. Matthew Lathroum Matthew_Lathroum@hcpss.org
Mr. Charles Lidard charles_lidard@hcpss.org
Mrs. Hana Rhee hana_rhee@hcpss.org
 Career Research And Development
Ms. Michelle Howard Michelle_Howard@hcpss.org
Mrs. Heather Haffey Heather_Haffey@hcpss.org
Mr. Nathan Rosen Nathan_Rosen@hcpss.org
Ms. Diann Geisbert Diann_Geisbert@hcpss.org
Ms. Jeannette Bonomo Jeannette_bonomo@hcpss.org
Mr. Shawn Douglas Shawn_Douglas@hcpss.org
Mrs. Emily Dulany Emily_Dulany@hcpss.org
Mrs. Stacey Duvall stacey_duvall@hcpss.org
Ms. Lauren Fischetti Lauren_Fischetti@hcpss.org
Mrs. Catherine Kriner Catherine_Kriner@hcpss.org
Mrs. Courtney Lucente Courtney_Lucente@hcpss.org
Mr. Christopher Mackechnie Christopher_Mackechnie@hcpss.org
Mrs. Nicole Payne Nicole_Payne@hcpss.org
Mr. Nathan Rosen Nathan_Rosen@hcpss.org
Mrs. Emily Stackhouse Emily_Stackhouse@hcpss.org
Mr. Thomas Stuppy Thomas_Stuppy@hcpss.org
Ms. Jennifer Timmel Jennifer_Timmel@hcpss.org
Mr. Scott Vennard Scott_Vennard@hcpss.org
 Family And Consumer Science
Ms. Katherine Kern katherine_kern@hcpss.org
Ms. Liela Razik Liela_Razik@hcpss.org
 Front Office
Ms. Robbie Adkins Robbie_Adkins@hcpss.org
Ms. Olivia Aikins olivia_aikins@hcpss.org
Mrs. Dean Lindblad Dean_Lindblad@hcpss.org
Mrs. Christine Mcintyre Christine_McIntyre@hcpss.org
Mrs. Deborah Sauers Deborah_Sauers@hcpss.org
 Gifted And Talented
Mrs. Lynette Burns Lynette_Burns@hcpss.org
 Health Room
Mrs. Sandra Eggerl Sandra_Eggerl@hcpss.org
Mrs. Stephanie Poling stephanie_poling@hcpss.org
Sfc Juan Gordiano juan_gordiano@hcpss.org
Sfc Marian Johnson Marian_Johnson@hcpss.org
Mr. William Reinhart William_Reinhart@hcpss.org
Mr. Scott Arnold Scott_Arnold@hcpss.org
Mr. Matthew Braddock Matthew_Braddock@hcpss.org
Mrs. Sheila Carr-spence Sheila_Carr-Spence@hcpss.org
Ms. Lisa Daciek lisa_daciek@hcpss.org
Mr. Jonathan Dupski Jonathan_Dupski@hcpss.org
Mrs. Rachelle Eichert Rachelle_Eichert@hcpss.org
Dr. Donna Elshafei Donna_Elshafei@hcpss.org
Mr. Dale Harriman Dale_Harriman@hcpss.org
Mr. Robert Piche Robert_Piche@hcpss.org
Mr. Scott Rager Scott_Rager@hcpss.org
Ms. Julia Reynold Julia_Reynold@hcpss.org
Mrs. Nancy Sachs Nancy_Sachs@hcpss.org
Mr. Neil Steen Neil_Steen@hcpss.org
Ms. Lisa Toohey Lisa_Toohey@hcpss.org
Mrs. Natalie Kelly Natalie_Kelly@hcpss.org
Mrs. Kathleen Koehnlein Kathleen_Koehnlein@hcpss.org
Mrs. Carolyn Pilcher Carolyn_Pilcher@hcpss.org
Ms. Carolyn Golrick carolyn_golrick@hcpss.org
Mrs. Katherine Meloro Katherine_Meloro@hcpss.org
Mr. Eric Posner Eric_Posner@hcpss.org
Mr. James Woomert James_Woomert@hcpss.org
 Physical Education And Health
Mr. Jared Albert jared_albert@hcpss.org
Ms. Susan Ericksen Susan_Ericksen@hcpss.org
Mr. Chuck Fales Chuck_Fales@hcpss.org
Mrs. Nancy Shea Nancy_Shea@hcpss.org
 School Resource Officer
Mr. Ryan Kane Ryan_Kane@hcpss.org
Mr. Michael Ashmead Michael_Ashmead@hcpss.org
Mr. Christopher Clark Christopher_Clark@hcpss.org
Mr. Gregory Dubac Gregory_Dubac@hcpss.org
Mrs. Jennifer Forgnoni Jennifer_Forgnoni@hcpss.org
Mrs. Amy French Amy_French@hcpss.org
Mrs. Margaret Klotz Margaret_Klotz@hcpss.org
Ms. Deirdre Lindsey Deirdre_Lindsey@hcpss.org
Mr. Jimmie Mowder Jimmie_Mowder@hcpss.org
Mrs. Donna Schwab Donna_Schwab@hcpss.org
Ms. Lorena Sehgal Lorena_Sehgal@hcpss.org
Ms. Jo Seibel Jo_Seibel@hcpss.org
Mr. Michael Simmons Michael_Simmons@hcpss.org
Mr. Anton Evans Anton_Evans@hcpss.org
 Social Studies
Mr. John Abrahms John_Abrahms@hcpss.org
Ms. Cynthia Blade Cynthia_Blade@hcpss.org
Ms. Krista Bopst Krista_Bopst@hcpss.org
Ms. Mabrooka Chaudhry Mabrooka_Chaudhry@hcpss.org
Mr. Richard Jones Richard_W_Jones@hcpss.org
Mr. Howard Krasilovsky Howard_Krasilovsky@hcpss.org
Mr. Charles Midkiff Charles_Midkiff@hcpss.org
Mr. Donald Mitchell donald_mitchell@hcpss.org
Mr. Benjamin Schmitz Benjamin_Schmitz@hcpss.org
Mrs. Dawn Tache Dawn_Tache@hcpss.org
Mr. Devin White Devin_White@hcpss.org
 Special Education
Mr. Ivan Alvarado Ivan_Alvarado@hcpss.org
Mr. Sidney Billups Sidney_Billups@hcpss.org
Mrs. Kara Black Kara_Black@hcpss.org
Mr. Barry Blumenstock barry_blumenstock@hcpss.org
Ms. Monique Brasfield Monique_Brasfield@hcpss.org
Mr. Stephen Braun Stephen_Braun@hcpss.org
Mrs. Mary Brock Mary_Brock@hcpss.org
Mrs. Mary Brzezinski Mary_Brzezinski@hcpss.org
Mrs. Sharon Cantor Sharon_Cantor@hcpss.org
Mr. Justin Carey justin_carey@hcpss.org
Mr. Michael Davis Michael_Davis@hcpss.org
Mrs. Elizabeth Dooley Elizabeth_Dooley@hcpss.org
Mr. John Engelkemier jengelkemier@hcpss.org
Mr. Nicholas Johnson Nicholas_Johnson@hcpss.org
Mrs. Maryjo Lukowski MaryJo_Lukowski@hcpss.org
Mrs. Donna Merson Donna_Merson@hcpss.org
Ms. Wanda Oliver Wanda_Oliver@hcpss.org
Ms. Michelle Pappadia Michelle_Pappadia@hcpss.org
Ms. Linda Petty Linda_Petty@hcpss.org
Mrs. Judy Rice Judy_Rice@hcpss.org
Ms. Dorothy Trout Dorothy_Trout@hcpss.org
Ms. Georgette Washington Georgette_Washington@hcpss.org
Ms. Brittany Whittaker brittany_whittaker@hcpss.org
 Student Services
Mrs. Nancy Beneski Nancy_Beneski@hcpss.org
Mrs. Lisa Clearfield Lisa_Clearfield@hcpss.org
Mr. Phillip Cohen Phillip_Cohen@hcpss.org
Ms. Nina Dix Nina_Dix@hcpss.org
Mrs. Candyce Fales Candyce_Fales@hcpss.org
Mr. Paul Linkins paul_linkins@hcpss.org
Mrs. Dana Meledick Dana_Meledick@hcpss.org
Mr. Michael O'shaughnessy moshaughnessy_hcpss.org
Ms. Kimberly Richardson kimberly_richardson@hcpss.org
Mrs. Yvonne Rogers Yvonne_Rogers@hcpss.org
Mrs. Allison Sultan Allison_Sultan@hcpss.org
 Technology Education
Mrs. Jean Fregeau Jean_Fregeau@hcpss.org
 World Languages
Mrs. Mary Coates Mary_Coates@hcpss.org
Mrs. Jessica Grady Jessica_grady@hcpss.org
Ms. Ronica Johnson Ronica_Johnson@hcpss.org
Ms. Gabriela Joseph gabriela_joseph@hcpss.org
Ms. Anne Kuonen-galvez Anne_Kuonen-galvez@hcpss.org
Mrs. Sara Liu sara_liu@hcpss.org
Ms. Jacqueline Lopata jacqueline_lopata@hcpss.org
Mr. Brandon Morfoot brandon_morfoot@hcpss.org
Mrs. Jennifer Street Jennifer_Street@hcpss.org
Mrs. Robin Towsend Robin_Towsend@hcpss.org