September 23, 2018

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Parents on Patrol (POPS)

Description:   POPS (Parents on Patrol) is the best way to volunteer during the school day and get a glimpse of life at AHS and help keep the kids safe.
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Our main objective is to prevent students from “wandering” the halls during lunch without an official purpose. As a POPS volunteer, your time is spent “monitoring” the halls during lunch periods, allowing the teaching staff to be available to students.

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There are four 30 minute lunch periods beginning at 10:14 a.m. and ending at 12:20 p.m. You will be assigned to a single station for this entire period. It is not a bad idea to bring a book or paper to read in between bells.


Arrive by 10:00am and check-in at the front office and let them know you are volunteering for POPS. The staff will direct you to the appropriate hallway and issue you a walkie-talkie for communications.


Students should have permission from a teacher or administrator to be in the halls during class time. This permission can either be noted in their agenda book in the “hall pass” section or in the form of an organization’s official laminated “hall passes”. Organization Hall Passes can be: lunch choir, newspaper or yearbook work, being a student aide for the front office, Student Services or a teacher, or going to the JROTC room.

  • If you are posted at the corner by the senior cafeteria, it is acceptable to allow students to go to Health Room or Student Services without a pass. Otherwise, they need to go to the front office and get a pass.

  • If you have any challenges with students not complying with your request use the walkie- talkie. In order to call the front office or an administrator, please press the side button while you talk. Using the following language on the radio will assist in having someone come to your assistance promptly: “Front office or administrator, this is a POPS parent in need of assistance”.


Students are not permitted in the front lobby during the lunch period. Students are to stay in the cafeteria, but may have access to the men’s and women’s restroom by the POPs station outside the senior cafeteria. Please be sure to send students back to the cafeteria after using the restroom.


If school is closed or delayed you are not required to show up for POPS. If you have volunteered but are unable to attend, please call the front office as soon as possible.


School Contact: Katie Clark,  410-313-7065 


Signup Here:


Good luck, enjoy and thank you for making a difference as a POPS Volunteer!

Hard copy of these instructions AND the survey:  POPS Instructions and Survey

Location of Stations on School map:  school map